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Consulting services

  • Interim CTO
  • Part-time CTO
  • Turn-around CTO
  • Technical Advisor
  • Portfolio support
  • Technical Director
  • Interim Head of Ecommerce
  • Product and market strategy
  • Buy v. build analysis
  • Web performance and scalability
  • Team recruitment and management
  • Technical auditing and due diligence
  • Outsourcing and offshoring
  • Software quality and maintainability


CTO of
MVP Global
Oxbow Partners
Munich Re
   Digital Partners
and others


Investor in:


My name is Chris. I'm a CTO with substantial experience across multiple industries. My first CTO role was in Munich at Ciao. I led the technical and content departments through our incredible transformation from a simple product review site into Europe's leading price comparison engine and shopping portal. I made my exit when Greenfield Online acquired Ciao for $154m in 2005. In 2008 Microsoft acquired Ciao for $486m to make it the shopping arm of the Bing search engine.

After moving to London in 2005, I was co-founder and CTO of social-shopping startup Crowdstorm. I now provide CTO services as a consultant or board advisor. I've served as part-time CTO, interim CTO, or tech advisor to over a dozen companies, including Mangahigh, Soliland, Autodata, Smartpipe, The Smalls, Monica Vinader, Oxbow Partners, and Munich Re Digital Partners. I often perform tech due diligence for investment and M&A and provide portfolio-support tech advisory for PE-backed firms.

As an angel investor, I have the opportunity to fund and work with exciting digital startups in London, including Yocuda, Trouva, Green Man Gaming, and Adbrain.

I'm an Impact Partner with Fresco Capital. I'm also a startup mentor, including mentoring roles with BBC Worldwide Labs and the Vatican's Laudato Si' Challenge. I also had the good fortune to be the lead author of the world's best-selling book on the PHP programming language, just as that language was emerging to become the dominant programming language of the web.

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